Front of House Audio & Lighting

Welcome professionals! What can we create for you today?


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Some early work to get us where we are now!



QSC Touchmix 8 Wireless, Digital & State of the art programming & digital possessing. (just send us your mains and we’ll take care of the rest)

QSC KLA12.jpg

QSC KLA12 built solid, 131db peak. 6 units on hand

QSC KW181.jpg

QSC KW181 earth shaking bass, 128db peak. 4 units on hand

HUNG KLA-1.png

Hanging our line array has never been easier or faster. Less setup time and more performance time!


Clean cable management, clean power management system & top notch audio quality.

Our trussing system allows us to have up to a 40 foot span, a payload of 880lbs & up to 20 feet in height!

Extras, without that added frustration on maintenance and expenses of owning it.

We offer many extras to make your next event better than your last!

Haze.jpg Haze (15,000 cubic feet per min)

FOG FURY 3000.jpgFOG 1700-1.jpgFog (21,000 cubic feet Per min)

Background.jpg State of the art lighting. Everything from Moving Heads, Crowd Wash/Strobe, Wash Effects & Lasers.

Sweeper-Beam-PR-Photo.jpg freqmatrix.jpg FOCUS SPOT THREE Z.jpg INNO COLOR BEAM 12-1.jpg VISI spot LED pro.jpg

Treble Sound & Lighting is part of the DJ Felix Entertainment Group